Eugene Vugts: Musician – Composer – Painter


Welcome on the website of musician, composer, and painter Eugene Vugts. Enjoy and namaste!

Make something out of nothing with different colours, thoughts and spheres. What Eus loves to do is puzzle with sounds, images, and words.

Eus (june 1968) started off on drums,later he became a professional bass player in several bands/projects like Tilt, C.B. Milton, Lori Spee, MaiTai, Sue Challoner, King’s Quest, and many more.
Later he came in touch with a lot of other instruments, especially the Piano. It was good for his writing.

Right now Eus is teaching fretted/fretless bass & drums in a place near Eindhoven called Nuenen, and he`s working on a mix of different styles of music.

He sings/plays all the instruments by himself and sometimes he likes to work with guest musicians (background singers/sax players).

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